Ideas to engage employees

While at work tonight I was thinking about ways to keep employees engaged and some of the ideas I came up with we’re employee incentives, and having managers tell their employees that they are valued. I  know for me that I really appreciate it when my manager tells that I am going a good job and that she appreciates the job that I am doing. This keeps me engaged because I know that I am valued and it makes me want to continue to do a good job.


Increasing Employee Engagement

Increasing employee engagement is not difficult, but it does take effort on the company’s part and that is to listen to what the employees want. You can see a decrease in employee engagement when the employees are not getting what they want and this mostly comes from not being given opportunities and information. Company’s sometimes loose sight of what is important because they are so focused on numbers and revenue. In an article I found it talks about how employee engagement relates back to two things and those are logical and social. Employees work better when they know they are being recognized and doing this is not difficult. All we want is for our employees to feel appreciated and feel like they are being taken care of. If we can do that then the employee engagement will not be a problem. Below I have added the link to the article that I have been talking about.



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Defining Employee Engagement for A Company

Today I will be talking about how to define employee engagement for a company and how this can differ depending on the company. Employee engagement ultimately links back to turnover for a company and retention. If the companies employees are engaged then there will be less turnover. Employee engagement must align with the company’s goals, because if the employees are not on the same page as what the company stands for then there really is no point for the employee to be working for that company. Each company has different culture and and values and the employees should fit within that.  When their goals align with the company’s goals then the employees are enthused and want to use their talents to help the company succeed even more. Come back tomorrow to learn how to increase employee engagement within the workplace. 

Hiring the Right People Leads to Employee Engagement

When it comes to employee engagement a lot of it ties back to the hiring process and selecting the right employees for the job. Not everyone is suitable for every job that they apply for. When management hires they need to look at the person as a whole and see if they will fit in with the company’s culture and mentality, if not then that person will not enjoy coming to work and therefor not be engaged while at work. The hiring process is not an easy task, and someone might seem like the perfect candidate on paper but might not fit the culture once they start working. When management hires the right people and their employees are engaged it creates a good work environment for everyone. In a recent article it talks about how ” Time to Hire” is not an effective strategy. This means that a company is simply looking for bodies to fill positions instead of taking the time to actually see if the person is the right fit for the job, and by doing this it will lead to high turnover, and low employee engagement. I found this article very interesting and relevant to the topic of employee engagement. I have included the link for you to check out when you have time. Come back to tomorrow for when I talk about how define what employee engagement means to a specific company.

See below for the link to the article:

Employee Engagement Overview

Employee engagement is a hot topic right now and companies are always trying to find new ways to keep their employees engaged and wanting to come to work. I know at my job, we recently went to an event put on solely my employees. It was a way to get our employees engaged and also give them an opportunity to show case their talents. This performance was made by employees for employees from all of the MGM Resort properties and it showed what we as a company are involved in and what we are trying to achieve. It is so important to keep our employees engaged because it leads to less turnover and just a happier work environment in general. This relates beck to HR because if the employees are happy there will be less problems at work and employees will look forward to coming to work instead of dreading it. Employee engagement is probably one of the most important aspects for a company because when employees are disengaged it can lead to low customer satisfaction and an inviting work place. It is not hard to keep employees engaged but it does take effort of both the employees and the managers.