Las Day!

This is the last day of class so I thought I would share my thoughts about it. I really enjoyed taking this class and it would have been fun to take it in the full semester to have even more time to learn. I really enjoyed Professor Green’s way of teaching and wish more teachers would take on her approach. It was a perfect mix of active learning as well as lectures. I think she knows a lot about the idustry and is able to share that knowledge with her students. This was a very quick class but I really enjoyed it. If i had more time at UNLV I would take a class with her again. I never really blogged before but this was a fun chance to try it out and learn more about employee engagement as well as talk about the class in general!



This class has taught me a lot and made me realize that there is a lot more to HR than I thought. It’s a long process to be able to fine the right candidate and then hire then, train them and expect them to be engaged most of the time. I always just thought of HR as hiring and firing and being in charge when employees get into trouble. It is a very interesting department that really does hold the whole company together.

Zappos Tour

Today we took a tour of Zappos and it has to be the coolest place I have ever been to. This company is such a fun environment and their culture is something I have never seen before. All of the cubicles are decorated to go with their personalities and they are able to express themselves in a way and still getting their job done. The CEO and heads of the company all sit out in the open and are very approachable. After going on this tour, I have seriously considered working there.

Consulting with Employees

I think that a lot of employee engagement goes back to actually talking to the employees. I think it is important to talk and listen to the employees instead of rather just assuming they want something that they don’t. A manager might think that an idea they came up with in a meeting is something that all the employees will like when in reality it is not the case. I think it is important for employees to be able to talk together about what they want and need out of a job and then to be able to bring that to their manager. I think the manager needs to be involved in employee engagement because otherwise there is a disconnect between everyone. Everyone needs to be in synch otherwise the company and department will not run smoothly.

Class Today

I thought I would switch gears a little bit and start talking about what we have been doing in class. Today we talked a little bit about COBRA and what it means. I think it is a good option for people to have when they are laid off from a company. It is already a stressful time and not having to worry about your benefits in helpful. Yes, it is very expensive and could cause more stress, however I think that at least having the option is beneficial. We also talked about hot topics today and one was that a Hilton Hotel in New York was thinking of shutting down their room service. While this seems like a ridiculous idea, it also makes a lot of sense. While room service is convenient for guests that don’t want to leave the room it also can cause a lot of issues, that being the food not being hot enough or taking too long when they are busy so I think this idea might actually help.


Hot Topic

Seing that it is Friday, I thought I would change it up a bit and talk about a hot topic that is going on right now in Las Vegas. The opening of the new water park Wet N Wild has been an exciting event for Las Vegas residents but also a nightmare when it comes to parking. There is not enough parking being provided near the park so patrons are being forced to park in nearby neighborhoods and this is causing issues for those residents. This leads back to HR because the people in charge of the water park are going to have to figure out a way to handle the parking situation, especially since the park is not even open to the public yet. I thought this was a relevant topic and something interesting since I do love a good water park!

Activities To Keep Employees Engaged

In an article I just found there is a list of activities to help keep employees engaged. Some of the ones that stood out to me were starting a recycling program and a volunteer program. A lot of people are interested in going green and by starting up a recycling program it will spark interest in people and give them something to work on. Anything that can be added to a company that keeps employees engaged I think is beneficial. It does not  have to cost much at all either. It is all about showing our employees that we care and that they are valued. 

Below is the link to the activities for employee engagement